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Have you heard of Eric Liddell?  He was the Scottish athlete that refused to run the 100 meter race on a Sunday back during the 1924 Olympic games.  Eric was a very fast runner who had won this race many times before.  He was also a very committed Christian that believed Sunday was God’s day and a day of rest.  Many people were very angry with Eric for this decision and they said terrible things about him ... after all, this made his country lose the race.  But he stood firm and did what he believed God wanted him to do.  Later in the week, Eric was given the opportunity to run the 400 meter race even though no one expected him to win.  Not only did he win the gold medal in this race but he also set a world record!  This made Eric very famous and he used his fame to tell others about Jesus.  He kept telling others about Jesus when he went to China the very next year to be a missionary teacher.  He was a good teacher and track coach … everyone loved him.  Years later, civil war broke out in China and then the Japanese invaded the country.  Life became very hard for Eric Liddell and his students.  Nevertheless, he continued to stand firm and live for Jesus.  You can find out what happened by watching this short video about a girl named Margie.

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