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There are over 53 million people living on the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines ... the largest of the over 7,500 islands that make up this nation.  Although many of these people are proud to call themselves Christians, sadly, they are not looking to Jesus Christ as the only Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).  Instead, over 52 million of them rely on vain traditions and hopeless religions as their way to salvation.  Among the less than two percent of true followers are a relatively small number of dedicated pastors who are committed to preaching the Bible.  Many of these men are not able to afford the time or money to leave their communities in order to get formal Bible training.  Because of this, they often become overwhelmed and discouraged as they try to effectively minister to the people around them.  Some of them even quit the ministry.

Our goal is to come alongside these untrained pastors and teachers of Northern Luzon to encourage and equip them to successfully reach and disciple the people in their communities, churches and schools.  We will do this by starting a Bible institute and providing a sound Bible education that is affordable and attainable for even the poorest and the  more remote pastors and Bible teachers.  We will offer both self-paced courses for individuals as well as group classes taught at our ministry location in Baguio City and on regular trips out into the remote villages in the mountain provinces.  In addition to teaching pastors and teachers, we will be building relationships and reaching out to families and children through specially designed Bible lessons and meetings.

We are excited to already have people and ministry opportunities waiting for our arrival in the spring of 2020.  We will be spending the next few months preparing for these opportunities so that we can begin quickly once we get on the field.  We are also currently traveling around the U.S. building a ministry team of mission-minded believers who would like to partner with us by praying and giving.  Would you like to do that?  Would you like to be a part of a ministry encouraging and equipping pastors to reach children and families with the life changing message of salvation through Jesus Christ?  If you would, please check out the tabs along the top of this page  or use the buttons below. Thank you!

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